recycled glass creations

recycled glass creations

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Welcome, I appreciate you stopping by. Crafts have always been a hobby of mine. I have tried a lot of different mediums from yarns and cloth to making treasures from trash. However, my true passion has always been glass. I am fascinated by its colors, textures, properties and its many uses. I am amazed that this hard yet fragile material can be heated and manipulated, bent, blown, molded and reshaped only to return to its solid form when cooled. 

My “career” in glass started a garage sale down in Florida during a family vacation. I found a box of stained glass supplies and glass for sale, which I could not pass up. It was something I always wanted to try. I took a continuing ed class thru our local school district and began making gifts for family and friends. In an effort to bring out my Son Joe’s artistic talents, I signed us up to take an introduction to flame work (making glass beads using a torch) class at a local glass studio. We were hooked. My Father had done pottery years before and while at an art show had seen and purchased a glass wind chime. He played some with his kiln and made a few chimes himself. I always loved these chimes and wanted to make my own. I slowly began to build up my “shop” and purchased 2 used kilns. I began selling my creations to family, friends and co-workers just to help support my “habit”. 

I have had very positive feedback regarding my chimes and other creations so I have expanded to internet sales and doing festivals thru the year.  I love knowing that people will enjoy my creations and feel they are worthy additions to their homes. 

Thanks again, Lisa

wall pockets from the necks of wine bottles


I hate to throw out anything.  After slicing the bottles into rings, I had a tote filled with the tops of hundreds of bottles.  Oh what to do???  

"Mad" Skills...

Welding skills

What's better that glass???  How about Metal & Glass?  Good thing I have a mechanically inclined, self taught, very talented Son!  He knows how to weld and was gracious enough to teach his mother.  He also has a plasma torch that he allows his Mama to borrow. FUN


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